Who Our Clients Are

Our clients typically are delegators. They quickly activate to surround themselves with experts who can identify the decision points and lay out a road map for the future. Our clients often hold a significant amount of ownership in a single investment - they may be a private business owner, an entrepreneur, an executive, or an heir. Finally, our clients want to be coached and they desire a meaningful relationship.

Let's face it; the financial issues that face consumers today are becoming more and more complicated. As your wealth grows, things become more complex. It actually happens quicker than you might think. All of a sudden you are dealing with a CPA, a lawyer, an insurance agent and various other advisors, and things are very complicated.

For most people, thinking about juggling their advisors and monitoring investments simply takes time away from being able to enjoy life and have a few hobbies. After all, being able to enjoy life is the reason you started saving in the first place. A family CFO is the link that pulls all these complicated pieces together to make the symphony perform.For your family CFO to truly be able to put together the best team, cast vision for your financial future, and tweak your plan, you must have a relationship. It might be a little awkward at first, but in the long run a solid relationship with your CFO will give you the ability to relax and allow the advisor to take the reins.